1. The student admitted to Wah Polytechnic College will be required to abide by the rules and regulation of the college. A student found involved in illegal activities, stealing, physical violence, use of drugs and non payment of fee may be punished as under.

a) Fine

b) Expulsion from College

2. Unauthorized absence from the class will be considered a serious breach of conduct resulting in strict disciplinary action. In case of illness, student will be required to submit medical certificate from the registered medical practitioner.

3. All the co-curricular activities are arranged with the permission of principal.

4. Smoking and use of Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited in the college.

5. No meeting or gathering of political nature can be organized or held in the college premises Affiliation with and political party is not allowed.

6. All the students must wear the college uniform.

7. All the sudents must have in their possession valid identity cards issued by college otherwise they would be stopped from entering the college premises.

8. Students will not be allowed to invite any guest in the college without perior written approval of the principal.


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